About Us

We are a meal prep service headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Founded by Sean Testa. Fitness & meal prep has always been a passion for me and now I am able to share that passion with everyone!

It is our mission to provide the local community with fully cooked meals that are healthy and affordable. We provide a clean eating solution that is simple and most importantly saves you the effort of prepping your own meals! Between planning, shopping, cooking, & cleaning up, meal prepping can take up a lot of time and work. Real Fit Meals is the answer you have been looking for!

At Real Fit Meals, only the highest quality ingredients are used.  Our meats are all-natural, Non-GMO, and contain NO antibiotics or hormones, ever! Our locally sourced produce is FRESH and all items on our menu are gluten-free and prepared in a gluten-free facility.

We offer a completely customizable menu. Real Fit Meals menu is comprised of dishes that our talented chefs have poured much love into. Everything is made from scratch and all ingredients are accounted for in the nutrition facts that we provide.

The minimum order for delivery is $40. Depending on where you live in relation to our kitchen, a delivery fee of $5, $10, or $15 will apply. There is a free pick-up option as well if you decide you want to stop in and say hello!